Designing a future home–Glo is a smart entertainment home system that brings families and friends together
UX/UI Design
Systems Design
Team–Ksenia Ivanova, Jen Vuong

Spring 2017–7 weeks
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Current entertainment systems focus on very personalized and individual experiences (think social media, Netflix, YouTube, etc.), which can disconnect us from our families and friends in our home. Glo focuses on creating a experience that connects friends/families together by creating more shared experiences.

To design the home entertainment system, we conducted different research methods and observations to understand how people interact with their current entertainment systems in their home. This would help us identify points of improvement for a redesigned experience.
Research insights
• People use social media (Snapchat, Messenger, Instagram) even when friends are present as a group, which can created disconnected experiences
• Family space/social settings often use technology to have a “common ground” between people
• Music is often a way of bringing people together (using Spotify to play music, the music playing often starts a conversation)
Design goals
Based on secondary research and our design ethnography, we visioned a new smart home entertainment system that focuses on four themes: planning, connecting, sharing and playing. We also wanted to envision an experience where interaction design can be applied to interfaces beyond apps and websites.
Research methods
8 in-person
3 spacial observations
of their home
3 behavioral
Design ethnography
The final design focuses on 4 key experiences: sharing, connecting, planning and playing.
How it works
Final design
Projected UI
Voice UI
The glo calendar and wearable facilitates planning activities together for each housemate.

Planning calendar hub & connecting wearable
Visual system
How to read the calendar–building a visual system
Combined experience
member2 + member3

Visualizing time

Bigger circles =
more freetime

Smaller circles =
less freetime

Blurred = dates further
away from the present
Wearable UI
Projected UI
The kitchen interface includes multiplayer cooking challenges that encourages audience participation through various mini tasks. After all, food brings people together ;-)
Cooking game and connecting wearable
Tangible UI
The token sharing system allows user to share and collect media such as videos, music, photos, and events to form an intimate connection between two individuals.
Social sharing device