Re-envisioning the restaurant experience–Momento is a restaurant, test kitchen focused on on creating cultural appreciation through storytelling of food.
UX/UI Design
Service Design
Spring 2018–10 weeks

Collaboration with Ksenia Ivanova
The system
How the service works
How the service works

Opening a new restaurant can be risky and expensive. Momento’s test kitchen service gives chefs an opportunity to test and perfect their recipes in an environment with low financial and time risks. The restaurant features a different region every rotation lasting at least a few months. Each rotation, it gives the opportunity for the featured chef to tell a story and intent behind his or her food. Our website features an overview of the current journey, in this case, Korea, an introduction to the chef, as well as the menu for guests to look at to plan their visit.

We conducted a few research methods to understand our users and the pain points in the current restaurant industry.
Research methods
Interviewed 4 chefs, both new and established in their career
Interviewed a fine dining waitress (to understand the experience of a curated dining experience)
Looked at current models of test kitchens and pop-ups (what is working and what is not)
Our users
Our service design serves two different types of users:
The creative chef
• Likes to experiment and explore different recipes
• New/rising chefs who need a platform to test their ideas in a real life context to potentially start/redesign their business
• People who are curious about food in regards to its’ artistic and cultural form
• Likes more intimate dining experiences
• People who enjoy curated dining experiences but may not be able to afford it
The "foodie" customer
Benefits and unique aspects of the service
• Allows chefs to experiment without financial and time risks
• Makes up for the shortcomings of other services and platforms such as popup restaurants
• The rotation creates an element of surprise
• The restaurant features an in-depth cultural learning process about the food
Final design
Presenting the conceptual
service design
To present Momento as a conceptual service design, we created a website that would host all the necessary information to tell the story behind both the food journey as well as the service design.

Introducing the chef and their story/intent behind their culinary creations
Creating an interactive menu experience
Showcasing the previous cultural culinary journeys that have been represented with the conceptual service
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