Amazon Halo app redesign
Redesigned to make health/wellness fun and personalized, just for you.
Changing lifestyle habits is not easy. Halo leverages new emerging technologies in AI, CV and ML to encourage Halo customers to live healthier lives.
Key concept
About Amazon Halo
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Sept 2022 – June 2023
Design systems
As the UI/Visual UX Designer for the Halo app, I redesigned the Amazon Halo design system and drove the design direction for Halo Digital, a personalized AI-based fitness training service. I led the Halo redesign and developed scalable design components from concept to implementation, collaborating with cross-functional partners including Engineers, Designers, and Project Managers. One of the main challenges was working towards a feasible redesign with limited resources and tight deadlines.
Intro to Amazon Halo
Halo is a set of health and wellness digital services and hardware devices including wearables and motion control sensors
Key features include using computer vision and ML to track your progress, make personalized recommendations and encourage healthier lifestyles
Redesign overview
Preview of the redesigned app experience
Amazon Halo's connected devices
Halo themes and overall areas to enhance based on competitive analysis, app audit, ideation and future vision
Design principles for the new design direction
Make data digestible and encourage interactivity
Be bold with content and imagery
Be judicious with the use of color
Take the hard out of health, make fitness fun
Preview of unique features
Fun and engaging live interactive workouts using computer vision technology
Creating interactive onboarding experiences
New Halo design system
Updated UI components
Remapped color and typography styles
Old design
Updated design
Old design
Updated design
Old design
Updated design
Esther Kim
Product Designer