Hi, I'm a Product Designer, Brand Designer and Illustrator based in Seattle/New York. I'm currently working in-house at WeTransfer.

Currently I've been...
Inspiring others to use Paste by showcasing stories of companies who use the product,
Head of Product: KJ Chun
Staff Designer: Grant Heinlein
Latest designs for Paste's explore page
implementing new features for Paste, a collaborative presentation tool that focuses on automation
Start presentation from a slide feature
curating the story about Paste by communicating the powerful features of the product,
Grid view multi-select feature

Paste's feature marketing page

helping tell stories about how companies use a product,
"Talking Shop: How Shopify sells big ideas with Paste"

"How to Get (& Keep) 100 People on the Same Page"

Before working at WeTransfer for the Paste product, I've...
helped tech companies envision the future of their digital products,
Client work for Indeed
Redesign exploration of Indeed's mobile app
made motion prototypes to envision the use of AI for financial services,
Client work for Barclays
brought delight to corporate brands through vibrant illustrations,
Client work for CIBC
Design Director: Angela Ko
Partner: Bethany Lesko
Branch locations
Investments, long term growth
Youth banking

Switch to eStatements
designed a conceptual service and storytelling platform,
UW Design senior project
Team: Ksenia Ivanova
art directed visual concepts to promote events for a branding agency,
Celebrating 75 years of Lippincott's legacy
Email: esther.ykim2@gmail.com
and looking forward to more projects to come! Let's get in touch.
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