WeTransfer Portals
Creating a specialized tool for creatives who are on the go.
Portals addresses of the common pain points of creatives who are on the go and juggling multiple projects.
Key concept
About WeTransfer Portals
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Feb 2022 – Aug 2022
Design systems
I joined the WeTransfer Portals team before launch. During this early phase, I collaborated with Product Designers and Project Managers to research and identify which features would be the most valuable for our early customers. My role for Portals ranges from developing new UI/UX patterns to creating user flows for collaborative features. Since our strategy was to build fast on top of existing features and iterate based on learnings, creating scalable systems was essential to designing features for Portals.
1. File upload experience
Building more trust between creatives and Portals product within the asset upload user experience.
Final UX design (prototype)
Original UX design
Feature design opportunities
1. Give more information about the assets
2. Add more clarity to progress UI
3. Make use of the screen real estate
File uploading
File processing (large files)
Creating a scalable system for various file types and viewing experiences
2. Video player stamped comments
Unlocking more collaboration features for Portals by allowing creatives to add comments to a video.
Using WeTransfer's existing icons and visual patterns
To create new ones for Portal's video player UI
Parallels between other parts of the Portals experience
3. Due dates
Setting due dates and automated reminders to keep everyone accountable, and projects on track.
Portals ecosystem for context
Portals setting due date flow (prototype)
Review due date system
Esther Kim
Product Designer