Paste product marketing
Reshaping the narrative of the future of working.
Paste challenges the problem space of the way we work and offers an experience that stands out from common products we use in our every day lives. Many of our work hours are spent formatting and aligning with teams. What if there was a tool that allowed us to focus on the creative ideas in a fun and engaging way?
Key concept
Feb 2019 – Feb 2022
Product storytelling
Motion design
Interaction design
Paste is WeTransfer's collaborative presentation tool that focuses on automation features. Over the years I collaborated with our Copywriter, Product Marketing Manager, and Design Manager to iterate and shape the product story and value proposition for Paste. I designed the product marketing pages from concept to implementation which includes developing a strategy for the story flow/content, ideating interaction patterns, creating the visual assets/web design, curating content and creating motion storyboards.
Intro for Paste
High level concept
Product value proposition
Add any media files
Easily autoformat slides
Collaborate, get feedback and make decisions together
Motion storyboard
Area of ownership—creating a cohesive story
Designed Paste marketing pages from concept to implementation
Scaled the narrative, design and content strategy for all Paste product comprehension flows
Creating credibility through user stories
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Esther Kim
Product Designer