WeTransfer product brand language
Developing a unified product brand language and design expressions for WeTransfer's creative tools.
Feb 2019 – Feb 2021
Brand expressions
Design systems
In 2018, WeTransfer acquired the creative tools company FiftyThree and its' creative software tools Paper and Paste. With the new company direction, the Brand team and Product teams worked together to develop a new product brand language that would unify all the products together. As the solo Product Brand Designer at the company, my role was to ensure the brand language and product language would be aligned to ensure a beautiful and functional user experience.
During a time of rapid growth and company acquisitions, the Brand team and Product teams worked together to create a new product brand language for the creative audience, that represents WeTransfer's beautifully obvious tools to keep your ideas moving.
Key concept
WeTransfer Brand Studio and the Product team collaborated with typeface studios Grilli Type and Dalton Maag to create custom typefaces for WeTransfer. The Serif typeface, GT Super WT reflects the playful spirit of the WeTransfer brand, complimented by a functional sans font that is scalable for digital interfaces.
Product typeface
Expanded color palette
Developed a flexible color palette for both digital interfaces and product brand moments. The need was to create a unified color system that is scalable for creative tools (mobile and web apps) under WeTransfer: Paste, Paper, Collect and WeTransfer. The colors are simple primary and secondary colors, representing the creative spirit.
Abstracted product UI language
Created an abstract product UI language to use in product marketing assets, product campaigns and product brand moments. The abstracted product UI language would simplify complex product interfaces and bring emphasis on the main features being shown.
Product empty states
Product identity and brand positioning
Evolving the product brand language for a unified experience
WeTransfer old product brand language 2019
WeTransfer evolved product brand language 2021
Esther Kim
Product Designer